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It can be tough choosing a local moving company and even tougher when it comes to long distance moving. There certainly is no shortage of companies, wherever you live. At Armstrong Relocation – Nashville, we have a few suggestions to share. Consider the agency’s experience and track record. What are people saying about their services? The answers to these questions are important and so are the comprehensive service offerings.

Long Distance Moving Services

At Armstrong Relocation – Nashville, we cover everything below and more:

  • Free estimate: Your move will be long distance, so it is important that you have an estimate in writing that covers all possible costs.
  • Visual survey of all your belongings: We can advise on what to pack and what to leave behind, providing you with cost savings by minimizing unnecessary shipment weight.
  • Safe transit: An agent of United Van Lines, we make sure your belongings arrive safely and on time.
  • Valuation coverage: We will provide coverage for your goods should they be damaged during transit.
  • Planning and managing of the entire move: You should be free to sit back and enjoy the process while we handle all the coordinating and heavy lifting.
  • Secure storage facilities: After all, you may not have an immediate need for certain items.

We Cover All the Bases

You can rest assured that as professional long distance movers in Nashville, we have all the bases covered. Also, as a premier provider among national moving companies, we offer full comprehensive moving services from start to finish.

If you are in Nashville and are moving, we can handle the job. Call us today at 615.793.9333 or request your free quote online.

  • "Tam couldn't have been any nicer, more helpful or all-around decent human being. His personality and demeanor made this our BEST move yet. With Armstrong doing every move we have made as a family (4 and counting now) and ALL of them VERY GOOD moves, this one was clearly above the others. Paul, Bernard, Willie and Jason were all great guys as well. I'm hoping this was my last move but if not, you guys WILL be handling the 5th move for us. You have gone above and beyond our expectations and provided A+ customer service."
    S.W., June 2014
  • "[Armstrong] treated my Mom's possessions like they were their own when doing the packing. They also took the time (and did not seem to mind) to listen when she told them about certain items that were so precious to her and how her husband, son or grandson (all deceased) gave them to her. It did not bother them that she watched the whole time and actually told them that they would have to move her from the sofa she sat on as the very last item to pack! I actually have a photo of one of them helping her up off the sofa! They made this an enjoyable instead of a very sad day for her!"
    C.G., April 2014
  • "They packed my house with so much caution and attention. I could hardly believe it! Kept everything and everyone organized and ensured our high value items were kept extra safe the entire trip. The entire crew was great and I only wish I got to hang out with them more often!"
    A.J., May 2014
  • "These guys were great. They worked hard, but they were very careful with our stuff, extremely courteous, careful to ask about packing and offered to pack other things. Before leaving our new house, they made sure things were as straight as possible and boxes and furniture were in the right rooms. That made unpacking much easier."
    C.T., June 2014
  • "The crew, led by “Doc” was professional and efficient. We were very comfortable with them. Everyone involved with our move made it a wonderful and stress free experience. They had a good working relationship. Their positive attitude made the move a little easier for our children as their home was packed up."
    C.R., September 2014