September 24, 2020

5 Questions to Ask Your Commercial Mover

You’re not in the business of making rash decisions for your company and when it comes to finding the perfect relocation team for your commercial move, you know you want a thoroughly vetted, trusted and professional team to handle it all seamlessly. Armstrong – Nashville has been in the moving business for decades and we’ve seen plenty of commercial relocation speed bumps that come from picking the wrong team. In this blog, we’ll break down the four most important questions to ask so you can have peace of mind before signing on the dotted line.

Question 1: How far in advance should I book my move?

Booking any move as early as possible is a general rule of thumb, but you will want to double check the required lead time for your commercial mover. The average lead time is appropriately five business days, but some commercial movers require an even larger timeframe. In most cases, though, small moves often require a shorter lead time than larger moves (i.e. a small move may be able to be completed with only 24 hours’ notice, while a large move may require 72 hours or five business days).

By choosing us as your preferred commercial move, we can often provide move services with only 24-72 hours’ notice, due to our unparalleled operational capacity.

Question 2: How will my move be managed?

When searching for your perfect commercial relocation team, you’ll want to find a company that gives you a personal, commercial move coordinator to make sure everything runs smoothly. A commercial move coordinator arranges all details of your move, including the required labor, scheduling, valuation coverage, etc. By hiring a team that implements a clear process, you’ll have your commercial space moved quickly and efficiently.

Question 3: Do we have to pack our space ourselves?

Reading the fine print of any arrangement with a commercial moving company is important when considering a comprehensive moving package. Some commercial movers will only move items that you’ve already packed and furniture that your team has already disassembled. When it comes down to making such a big and stressful transition like a commercial move, adding more to your plate when trying to get back to business adds stress and consumes time. Make sure you hammer out the details of what you’re receiving so you don’t end up boxing loose items from your space yourself.

Having a full-service relocation team ready to show up and do absolutely everything for you means you don’t have to worry about potential moving accidents that could injure your employees or your property. A full-service commercial mover that packs, disassembles and reassembles your office items for you saves valuable time for your company and employees, essentially improving business continuity and minimizing operation downtime.

Question 4: Can my items for the new commercial space be stored?

Not all commercial moves are a cut-and-dry, same-day scenario. For example, you may have new office supplies or furniture you’re ready to purchase prior to moving into your space and need a place for storage. Whether you have short or long-term storage needs, you can find a full-service relocation team, like Armstrong – Nashville, to safely store your belongings for you. Often bundling these services, by choosing a mover that offers storage, can save you money and time.

Question 5: Can you assist with my technical installations?

Imagine being fully moved into your new space, then being burdened with the task of reconnecting all your old and new technology equipment. If you truly want a simple, stress-free move this is an important turnkey service for your relocation team to offer. Ask pointed questions about what exactly the move team can do for your technology disconnect and reconnection needs. At Armstrong – Nashville, we work with your move management team to assess what technology you need disconnected and transported to your new location. After handling the logistics for you, we’ll unload and reconnect all phones, internet, desktops, and other items so your business is up and running as soon as you’re all moved.

If you’re ready to get your business moved to a new location or expand your footprint with an additional location, Armstrong – Nashville knows exactly what you should look out for when picking your perfect moving team.

Making a commercial move in the Nashville area can be easy and stress-free with a local relocation company that knows how to meet your needs and offers services to create a top-to-bottom, seamless experience. If you’re ready to get started, contact Armstrong – Nashville  today.

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