May 27, 2020

Telecommuting: The New and Next Norm

In early 2020 the world was forever changed by the novel coronavirus, better known as COVID-19. Within weeks of COVID-19 becoming imminent in the United States, businesses closed, events were canceled, local and national branches of government issued stay at home ordinances, and many businesses opted to have their entire companies begin working from home to help flatten the curve of COVID-19.

In fact, in March more than 16 million Americans began working remotely and the number has only increased since then. Organizations large and small have changed their operations rapidly to accommodate working from home. While some jobs require little more than a laptop and some files, for some professionals working remotely requires a lot more resources within reach. Armstrong has decades of experience helping both companies and individuals move into new work spaces, whether in the office or at home. We’re here to help companies and employees properly prepare for their new and next normal no matter the location.

Working remote through COVID-19

While remote work may be a rough adjustment for some accustomed to the average nine-to-five office schedule, companies are becoming increasingly attracted to the idea. A survey conducted in 2016 found that the percentage of American companies that offered telecommuting benefits had increased by 40 percent over the previous 20 years. Due to COVID-19 rapid emergence, this number has grown significantly in recent months. For booming industries like technology, computer sciences and education, this is an attractive way for employers to scope out potential competitive employees who do not live in their area. Another study conducted by Gallup Poll revealed that early this year three-fifths of employees now working from home claimed they would like to continue working remotely even when the current crisis is over. In fact, those who have long since been working remotely have touted the benefits as increased productivity, a healthy work-life balance, higher employment satisfaction and better overall performance.

Why working remote matters

Each individual employee who now works from home is playing a role in mitigating COVID-19’s spread. By restricting yourself to only essential errands out of your home and limiting your contact with other people you are saving lives. We all have the potential to make the pandemic better or worse.

The most recent research released by the CDC tells us that COVID-19 is far deadlier and far more contagious than the flu. By standing with your fellow employees and fighting off needy dogs and screaming children to weather this season of social distancing, you are actively helping the world — one remote workday at a time.

Your relocation experts during COVID-19

Armstrong is always committed to the safety and security of our clients. We take our role as your trusted commercial or residential relocators very seriously. As an essential service that is still moving companies and families all around the United States, we continue to serve our communities while taking all precautions recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO), while working to protect our clients, customers and front-line employees. Some of the other precautions we’re taking include:

  • Crew and visitor screening protocols
  • Virtual move surveys
  • Modified customer greetings (smile and wave vs. handshake)
  • On-site hand washing
  • Enacting the six-feet rule
  • Limiting work-related travel
  • Requiring a remote workforce
  • Conducting virtual team meetings

How can we best serve your transition to working from home?

Armstrong Commercial Services provides quick and efficient space transitioning and work-from-home solutions for companies and employees temporarily displaced by COVID-19, like:

  • Carton and packing material delivery
  • Work-to-home equipment transportation services
  • Workspace packing assistance
  • Home office setup and organization
  • IT disconnect and reconnect services
  • Computer equipment bags and bubble wrap
  • Web-based inventory management

And when your hard work from home finally comes to an end and you’re ready to go back to the office, we’re ready to help you get back to life as normal with return to work services:

  • Office and equipment sanitization
  • Common area cleaning
  • Home-to-work equipment transportation
  • Space reconfiguring for on-site social distancing
  • New equipment delivery

As most companies are doing amidst this pandemic, Armstrong has already implemented all the necessary steps to take care of your home and work needs safely and efficiently. We’re ready for Nashville to get back to life as normal and we want to help you get there. If our services can help you, contact Armstrong Relocation – Nashville today.

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